HEJ COLOMBIA HOLA SVERIGE is an intercultural project between four schools. Two of them are located in Hammarö, Sweden and the other two are in Colombia, one is in Cajicá and the other in the indigenous town of Puerto Rico, Amazonas. 

The project has existed for 8 years now and many youngsters have had the opportunity to participate in it. The project deals with important social issues such as tolerance, democracy, language, environment and traditions. 

The project includes an exchange trip. It means that some students from the Colombian schools have visited Sweden and the other way around, some swedish students has visited Colombia. This experience has been really wonderful!

This project has been sponsored by Internationella Programkontoret, Folkets Benardottes Minnesfond, and the governments of Cajicá and Hammarö. 

We are looking for funding to carry on the project one more year. We currently have financing from "Internationella Programkontoren" in Sweden but we need much more. If you want to send a donation, contact us!

If we get all the funding needed, some students and teachers from Colombia will visit Sweden in January 2014 :) 



Our magazine. We need a name for it!

24.07.2013 17:09
This digital magazine is the product of the work that the students did during the winter this year....

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